The Best Times For Mosquito Treatment

Pesky mosquitos buzzing around your property are more than a nuisance; they are also disease carriers. So, making mosquito control a priority is critical in such a situation.

There are certain factors to keep in mind that can make mosquito treatment even more efficient. One such point is picking the best time to eliminate these annoying insects. Here is how you can make the most suitable period to spray for mosquitos.

Best Weather For Mosquito Treatment

The best time for spraying to prevent mosquito infestations is just before the seasons when they are most active. These pesky insects thrive in humid conditions, so it is better to begin control just before the warmer months.

Try to avoid mosquito control services in the case of rain or strong winds. These can be counter-productive as they will fog up the same location repeatedly. Insecticide sprays and fog will disperse quicker, so they will not have enough time to do their job.

Best Time Of The Day For Mosquito Treatment

Dusk and dawn are the two times in a day when mosquitos are most active. Thus, these are the best times to treat mosquito infestations with sprays, fogs, and other products.

These are the times when mosquitos fly around in search of food. Therefore, this effectively makes them an easier target for control procedures. Another reason that makes this a good time for eliminating mosquitos is that there is less heat. Summer heat can quickly dissipate liquid insecticides.

If looking for a suitable solution to this problem, a mosquito control company in Vernon Hills is worth checking out. Mosquito treatment in itself is vital. However, performing at the right time is necessary for the most effective results.

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Spraying at appropriate times and in suitable seasons makes mosquitos easier targets. However, they have an added advantage in that they do not harm useful insects like bees and butterflies!